Postcard No. 1 - 1936: First day of U.S. Mail Delivery: (l to r) Frank Byrnes, Francis Whitehead, Bob Totten, Willard Youngs, Fred McGrath, Jim McErlane,Walter Coss, Jim House, Lou Burch, Dan Merchant. Postcard No. 2 - Daniel M. Merchants delivery truck circa 1930. Merchants store was the centerpiece of the Morris Plains business block. Today The Merchant Building houses Duffields Hardware and other businesses. Postcard No. 3 - A tree-shaded house at 85 West Hanover Avenue in 1912. Marguerite and Mary Cross stand in the foreground, and Walter Cross sits on the porch of this still-existing Morris Plains home. Postcard No. 4 - Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Lindabury in front of their 19th-century farmhouse on the north-west corner of Stiles and West Hanover Avenues (now the site of Quick-Check Market). Postcard No. 5 - Dover Ridge was built by Richard A. McCurdy a life insurance executive. Later the mansion was sold, and it became The Idlewild Country Club in the 1930s. It burned to the ground in 1934. Postcard No. 6 - Late 1800s: Looking toward Morris Plains from Littleton Road before the underpass was built. The railroad station, built in 1868, was later moved  to Jaqui Avenue and still serves as a private home. Postcard No. 7 - Clark's General Store at the south corner of Jaqui Avenue in 1881. This building survived the town fire of 1906 and later served as trolley station, post office and restaurant. It is currently an apartment building. Postcard No. 8 - Click here to print this information
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Postcard No. 9 - Idlewild, the estate of Louis A. Thebaud, stood in the vicinity of present-day Idlewild Drive. The mansion burnded to the ground in 1925 while it was owned by Lewis Grove, Sr. Postcard No. 10 - 1908: The Hanover School. The structure was on the site of the present Morris Plains Municipal Building and was later used as the town fire station and police headquarters until it was destroyed by fire in 1940. Postcard No. 11 - The old Fairchild place (later the McGuiness homestead) at One Littleton Road before it lost extensive frontage when the ralroad  underpass was constructed in 1915. The home is likely more than 200 years old. Postcard No. 12 - R. A. Granniss, a life insurance executive, built this mansion called Overlook Terrace where Mountain Way School now stands. A single outbuilding of the estate survives near Granniss Avenue. Postcard No. 13 - Looking away from Morris Plains: A steam engine crosses the Littleton Road overpass (built in 1915) on a winter day in the 1930s. Postcard No. 14 - John Cronsbey and D. M. Merchant in 1922 with Morris Plains original hand-pumped fire engine. The fire of 1906 burned most of the downtown area, and the first fire department was formed soon thereafter. Postcard No. 15 - The Davis Bakery around the turn of the 20th century (now site of the Plaza Diner). Postcard No. 16 - The east side of Speedwell Avenue looking toward the railroad station in 1936. Serving Morris Plains' automtotive needs were Laurie's Ford, the Amoco Station and Vreeland's Gulf Service Station.
Postcard No. 17 - Looking toward Littleton Road from downtown Morris Plains in 1935 - Postcard No. 18 - The Speedwell Avenue Extension business district in the 1930s. The trolley tracks were laid in 1909, and the trolley station was at the south corner of Jaqui Avenue in a building that still exists today. Postcard No. 19 - J.C. Gilchrist delivering milk from a horse-drawn carriage at the turn of the century. Postcard No. 20 - Lawrence Monahan in his blacksmith shop in 1886. The building, now a residence, still stands at 21 Stiles Avenue. Monahan's Marching Band performed throughout the Morris area for more than 50 years. Postcard No. 21 - Jaqui Pond near the bridge on West Hanover Avenue around the turn of the century. The large Lindabury-Norton house, which fronted on West Hanover Avenue, no longer exists. Postcard No. 22 - The Postcard No. 23 - Postcard No. 24 - Circa 1930s: The Morris Plains Fire Department and Police Station in the original Hanover School building. The structure burned in 1940. The Morris Plains Municipal Building now marks the site.
Postcard No. 1 - 1936: First day of U.S. Mail Delivery: (l to r) Frank Byrnes, Francis Whitehead, Bob Totten, Willard Youngs, Fred McGrath, Jim McErlane,Walter Coss, Jim House, Lou Burch, Dan Merchant.
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