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ConnectedCitizen Overview

Are you interested in knowing about the latest news from our local boro government that is affecting Morris Plains and its citizens? Now, you can simply sign-up for an automated email to be sent to you.

ConnectedCitizen delivers email periodically and allows you to customize the type of news you would like to receive. When an email is sent out you receive only the latest news that's been published. Also, by selecting certain news categories you can filter the type of news you receive to certain topics.

And, you will find ConnectedCitizen efficient and brief — offering links and summaries of news articles which you can choose to explore. And, you also have the option of getting a list of the current recreation programs sent to you.

Today, with the problem of managing so much email, we have designed a simple way to keep you informed — without over burdening you with information you dont want.

We invite you to sign-up now and become a Morris Plains ConnectedCitizen.